The Minute We Stepped Off the Plane, the Fun Started

I had the great fortune of traveling with Angela to her beloved Sicily. Angela was thorough and clear in laying out the itinerary so my travel companion and I packed exactly what we needed and were prepared for every eventuality. The minute we stepped off the plane, the fun started. Angela is passionately in love with Sicily and Sicily is in love with her. Everywhere we went, people would shout out “Angela, come here! Where have you been?”, always with a twinkle in their eye. She speaks the language with the same warmth and enthusiasm that she brings to everything else and the people in Italy loved her use of their language, often bursting into laughter at something she shared.

Angela’s natural curiosity meant that each day was different and we were always learning new things. We ate at all kinds of different types of places from the small home in the country to an organic winery to elegant restaurants overlooking the sea. We saw beautiful beaches, the most amazing architectural ruins and secret little gems tucked into a country hill or a city street. Each and every day was filled with incredible beauty – the country bursting with gorgeous flowers, fruits, trees and architecture and people.

Angela is spontaneous and if something new seemed appealing she was not afraid to shift gears and go in a new direction. It always worked out beautifully – an amazing meal, an interesting connection with a new friend, a hidden gem. Angela is a unique tour concierge. I can’t wait to return to Sicily with her! – Kerry S.