Scents of Sicily

The first time I came to Northern Sicily, it was at the end of October.

I live in NYS where there are seasonal cycles of flowers – crocus, lilacs, and daffodils in the spring, azalea, iris and gerberas in the summer, chrysanthemums in the fall.


The scent of beautiful Purple Lilacs


But Sicily is a different story.

She always has bougainvillea, mostly has jasmine, stephanotis and bella di notte.


Stephanotis flowers


I have a very keen sense of smell. That being said, most colognes, parfums, perfumes, foods can turn my stomach in a nano second.


Perfume bottles


Before I bought my Sicilian Villetta, which was without a doubt my destiny, just for the sake of objectivity (which I mostly lack), I looked at several different places in the same zone.


My house in Sicily


Above is my Villetta, click here or on the image to rent it on AirBnB!!!


I will never forget (barring Alzheimer’s) how I felt when I walked into a courtyard of flowers all in blossom.

My head starting spinning, my brain was trying to keep up with the perfumes that were being blended with the heat from the sun.

The fragrances dissipated into the sea air surrounding my head. I lost my footing and had to take hold of the nearby wall.

By this time in my life, I was no longer drinking, yet the sensation I was experiencing was intoxication.



This was an “awakening moment” for me.


How much of my life did I sleepwalk through before I knew Sicily?


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