Feeling Beautiful

In my life I have never felt as beautiful as I do in Sicily.

It doesn’t matter if I am wearing a “vestito per a casa” (a dress/garment ONLY to be worn at home – not in public), something more classic, or something more revealing.


My beautiful friend


The first time I was in Europe, I was almost 30 years old.

I went to Corfu, a beautiful Island off the coast of Greece.


Corfu Island in Greece


As I was fully clad in my American Bathing suit on an optional topless beach, and I saw a woman in her 60’s who had had a mastectomy playing with her grandchildren topless! She was wearing the bottom half of a two piece bathing suit!

I was an American who had never been topless in public up to this point in my life.


This woman gave me the courage to step away from my restrictions and constrictions. 


“That woman is very secure in who she is.

Being given the news of cancer, having had a breast removed.

This is the point in her life that she was beyond caring what anybody thought.

She may not have two breasts, but she certainly has confidence.” I thought.


Beautiful woman holding a flowing cloth. Courageous.


What other choice did I have but to go parasailing over the Aegean topless?


Orange, green, and white parasail against a blue sky.


If you would love to find your own path to courage in Sicily, call me to discuss my personal travel concierge services, and make your trip to Sicily the one of a lifetime.