How to Look Like a Local When Traveling in Sicily

If you want to have an authentic experience and look like you belong while immersing yourself in Sicily,
keep the below travel tips in mind.


Image of coffee with a text overlay that says If you want to look like you belong while in Sicily, keep these travel tips in mind.


Don’t order a cappuccino after noon in Sicily.
This is a breakfast only drink and will show your travel inexperience right away.


However, Sicilians and Italians do drink coffee (espresso) any time of day.

Remember, if you only order “coffee” you will be served an espresso.


Image of coffee beans in a measuring spoon.


If you want American coffee, order “Café Americano.”


Image of steaming coffee.


Never order coffee or tea with your meal; these are reserved for the end of the meal.
If you order before the very last course, you’ll be pegged as a foreigner straight away.


Don’t expect a traditional American breakfast of eggs, pancakes, and bacon.

Italian breakfast is a pastry and coffee or dry cookies crumbled in warm milk.


Image of coffee with croissants cinnamon.


Lunch is from 1-3PM and can range from a pizza, sandwich to a full three-course meal.


Image of Sicilian pizza with basil and tomatoes.


Be prepared to eat dinner late – most dinner meals start at 8PM.



Be ready for 3-7 courses for a formal meal, however on average a meal is at least 3-4 courses.

The first course is rice or a pasta dish, the second a protein, the third is the vegetable course, the remaining four courses would most likely not be included in an informal meal; four is cooked greens of some variety, the fifth is a fruit plate, the sixth would be a dessert and finally the seventh course is your coffee (espresso) or tea.



When I take my clients to an authentic meal within friends’ homes, they are often surprised as to how much food is brought out and how long a meal lasts.



NEVER cut your pasta or use a spoon; this is considered uncultured. To twirl long pasta, pull up two or three strands and use the plate as your “spoon” to twirl.




Never walk on the beach in your bathing suit while carrying your purse.



Bring a pretty beach bag if you need to bring your personal belongings but it’s better to leave that back at the hotel.


Leave your sneakers/tennis shoes at home. (And your socks/sandal affinity as well).



Sicilians and Italians are very fashion conscious and forward.

Nothing screams an American more than wearing your open toed sandals with socks.



Instead, wear ballet shoes, flip flops, stylish and comfortable brands such as Crocs or Clarks, which are more acceptable.

Remember, the streets are stone, asphalt and brick and are very uneven. If you want style, high heel wedges are better option.



Logoed, branded clothing is very European. While wearing your Nike sneakers might be a huge no-no, wearing your Nike jacket is perfectly acceptable.

  • Don’t even consider wearing pajama pants, baggy pedal pushers/capris, jean shorts (for men) or Hawaii shirts – (Leave Tommy Bahama in the tropics). Italians take pride in their clothing and personal style so you won’t see pants hanging off their rears or shirts untucked, sloppy or too large – everything is fitted, slim cut, tailored and stylish.



Don’t expect to get around the island of Sicily on just knowing English. While most Sicilians know Italian, you’ll need an interpreter as many villages speak different dialects.



With my personal travel concierge services, I provide my clients peace of mind in knowing we’re traveling where they want to go, avoid the fear of feeling taken advantage and the pleasure of learning more of the area surrounding them.


Remember this:

Italy is the size of New Mexico

Sicily is the size of New Hampshire or Massacchuettes.



Would you expect to see either of those states in 14 days?!!


If you’d like even more suggestions, reach out to me directly for a travel coaching meeting or discuss how my personal travel concierge services can make your trip to Sicily the one of a lifetime.