For those of you who have never been to Europe, there are outdoor markets – EVERYWHERE! You can buy anything at the outdoor markets in every country and every city.
I love the outdoor markets. Why? Because I am a peddler and I use this term endearingly!
Ever since I was a kid, I sold stuff and services – potholders, magazines, garments, alterations, baby sitting – the list goes on and on! Finally, after farting around for a number of years, I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a Marketing Major.
I had the good fortune to have a professor, who recognized my talent for sales. His comment to me prior to my graduation was “Angela, you are without a doubt a born sales person. Right now you can’t imagine the possibilities for your life with this gift. If you don’t pursue and utilize this gift, your life will never be as rich as it could be – and I don’t mean only monetary wealth.”
Selling affords one the opportunity to learn how to read people, be persistent, be patient, and also recognize when the time comes to make the deal. Fearlessness is also an aspect of sales – have no fear when you make the 1st cold call. What’s the worst that could happen? You would receive a “No.” So what?
The fearlessness I used for Corporate America I used when I said yes to Sicily.
Sometimes I wonder how much “wonder” is in the cards.

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