My Sicily, the Sicily that I prefer is the Sicily of Spring or Fall. Summer not only embraces the sun and the tourists, but Granita, one of the true indicators of summer. The heat of the summer is too much for me, but there is always Granita! Granita is a delicately flavored slushy ice refresher. It is served in a sundae type glass and depending on the flavor – strawberry, café, lemon is dependent on whether or not you would get fresh whipped crème on top. And as if that isn’t enough, it is served with a Brioche.
There are times when I am in Sicily that my “filters” become even less than usual.
How is it possible to sit at a table with the sun shining in September, smelling the sea and feeling the undulation of waves, only eat one granita?
In this case, I am not convinced that I would even need to think about needing a “filter!”

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